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November 22, 2009

Easily one of the worst sequel's in a long time

Dear Michael Bay,

 Transformers 2 ran for 150 minutes yet you failed to show me the scene where Shia LaBeouf magically got his hand bandaged. Your film had way tooooooo much CGI, the Actors all had way too much fake tan on and the story line lacked substance. The only good thing in it was the reappearance of John Turturro. Do us all a favour: “DON’T MAKE A THIRD”

Anyone out there who wants to come to his aid with some heart breaking story of LaBeouf having a terrible car accident can save it. Shia  shouldn’t DRINK AND DRIVE especially mid way through filming a movie he’s been paid a few million for (NO PROFESSIONALISM AT ALL) and ESPECIALLY WHILE THERE IS ANOTHER PERSON IN THE CAR (Aussie actress Isabel Lucas)…
AND THAT MY FRIEND’S IS NO EXCUSE TO JUST THROW A BANDAGED HAND INTO A RANDOM SCENE HALF WAY THROUGH A MOVIE…Its GREED! …The production team should of paid the screenwriters to edit the script and make it Plausible EVEN if it costs more time and money THEY can afford it TRUST ME the first one grossed more than $190 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CGI was pathetic the camera”s were zoomed in way too much on to many scenes and combined with the speed of the action sequences I had NO IDEA what the hell was going on. The pathetic attempt at college humour (SO CHEESEY) combined with Megan Fox doing what she does best… SHAKE her arse and over act like she’s on Days of Our Lives gave me the feeling of a  final product with NO FABRIC!!!!!!

The introduction of two autobot’s trying to be gangta’s was not only irritating but down right STUPID the only thing that made me smile with these 2 pathetic additions was the juxtaposition between the 50 CENT GANGSTA attitude and the little GIRL cars they transformed into… thought that might possibly be the sense of humour on the writers behalf!

The making of this film was clearly a fast grab for cash and in NO way did it do the original cartoon justice!
Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer) should team back up with George Lucas to tackle the 3rd maybe then we will see a real quality film.

The Movie Industry needs to SLOW DOWN on the technology and go back to the basics 1st and foremost GOOD STORYLINE!!!!!!!!!

This is why SUPERTRAMP came to the conclusion that TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN was a massive FAIL dispite the box office grossings!